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Now Ask The Beasts

May 24-25 2024

Featured Speakers:

(Saturday, May 24 Only)

Randy Guliuzza
President, Institute for Creation
Peter Schriemer
Wildlife Educator and TV Host
David Lee
Biologist, Missouri Baptist University
Joel Brown
Director, Creation Research Society

Coming to Saint Louis on May 24-25, 2024!


We are excited to announce registration for the 2024 Gateway Creation Conference!

Our conference theme for 2024 is taken from Job 12:7-9: 

“But now ask the beasts, and let them instruct you;

And the birds of the sky, and let them tell you…

And let the fish of the sea recount it to you.

Who among all these does not know

That the hand of the LORD has done this?”


The animal kingdom is brimming with God’s creativity and wisdom.  All creatures great and small, lowly and majestic, each have a part to play in showcasing the “invisible attributes” of their Creator.  Join us at the 2024 Gateway Creation Conference: “Now Ask the Beasts”,  as we explore and wonder at the living creatures that display God’s glory!


A youth track for attendees 12 and under will be available, featuring engaging presentations from Peter Schriemer as well as members of the MAC Zoo Tour team. 


Registration is now open! We hope to see you there!


“How numerous are Your works, O LORD!

In wisdom You have made them all.”

Psalm 104:24

Conference Venue:

South County Bible Church
4111 Von Talge Road St Louis, MO 63128

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