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Dr. Neal Doran

PhD, Paleobiology

Dr. Doran joined Bryan College in August 2014 as a Professor of Biology. He currently teaches a variety of courses including Dinosaurs and Catastrophes, History of Life, Environmental Ecology, Origins, Geo-physical Sciences, Philosophy of Science, and Supervised Research, and a new summer dinosaur field course “The Dinosauria.” Past courses included Botany, Introductory Biology, Earth Science Survey, and Environmental Science (online).

Dr. Doran obtained his Ph.D. in geology, with a concentration on micropaleontology and systematics of planktonic foraminifera. He additionally holds an M.A. in the history of science, focusing on post-evolutionary synthesis questions on the “punctuated equilibrium” debate in paleontology. In addition to academic experience, he has also worked in federal biology labs (USDA/Agricultural Research), state agencies (Florida Department of Environmental Protection), and as a private environmental science consultant (Doran Consulting).

He is a founding member of the Creation Biology Society, a board member of the Creation Geology Society, and is currently completing a book on the morphological relationships among dinosaurs (Morphospatial Patterns in the Dinosauria, to be published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

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