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Great are the works of Yahweh;

They are sought by all who delight in them.

Psalm 111:2

Delighting in the Great Works of God

Science is a gift – a treasury of tools, methods, and means by which we can develop new technology, solve practical problems, and understand ourselves and our environment. But science is far more than an avenue for our intellectual and personal advancement. The founders of modern science saw their work as an attempt to “think God’s thoughts after Him,” and we can follow their journey as we study the natural world today.


Science is a means by which we can consider and delight in the great works of God



 I meditate on all You have done; 

 I muse on the work of Your hands. 

 – Psalm 143:5 

With Scripture as our guide, our study of the natural world can become an act of worship, an endeavor through which we can muse on the works of His hands and see His glory in them. In the design and order of living things, in the history of the geologic record, and in the majesty of the cosmos, we see the handiwork of God.


 How numerous are Your works, 

 O Yahweh! 

 In wisdom You have made them all. 

– Psalm 104:24 

Join us at the 2023 Cascadia Creation Conference, and be encouraged and inspired as we consider the great works of God revealed in His creation. We’ll learn from scientists who have taken up the challenge of evaluating the data of the natural world through the lens of Scripture, and who are at the forefront of building a Biblical understanding of scientific research.


Come and delight in the great works of God with us!


 Wonderful are Your works, and 

 my soul knows it very well. 

 – Psalm 139:14 

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