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Thursday, November 2
9AM - 3PM Creation Geology Field Trip (Separate Registration)

Friday, November 3


5:00PM Registration Opens

6:00PM Conference Opens

6:30 PM Thinking Biblically about... Fossils?  (Ross)

Fossils - what are they? Are they real? Do they fit into Biblical history?

7:10 PM  'Created Kinds' and the Fossil Record (Doran)

Does the fossil record provide evidence of evolution from a single common ancestor? Is there another way to interpret the data?

7:50 PM Questions & Answers

Saturday, November 4

9:00AM  (Mostly) Dry Bones: Fossils & A Young Earth (Ross)

Most scientists believe that the fossils are artifacts of millions of years of Earth history but there are many lines of evidence in the rock and fossil records that indicate that our planet is not nearly as ancient as  many assume.

9:40AM  Catastrophic Plate Tectonics: Modeling a Global Flood (Doran)

How can creation scientists explain the Earth's geologic features - ocean basins, towering mountains, and widespread rock layers - in a Young Earth view? Catastrophic Plate Tectonics is a scientific model that offers some intriguing answers and powerful explanations for Earth's past.

10:20AM Break & Book Tables

10:50AM Creating the Fossil Record with Noah's Flood (Doran)

If the Earth's rocks and fossils were formed recently, many of them during the year-long Global Flood of Noah's day, how do creation scientists account for the extraordinary patterns and consistent order that we see in the fossil record? What stories are the rocks telling us?

11:30AM Questions & Answers


1:30PM Creation Controversy: Did Dinosaurs have Feathers? (Ross)

Many creationists have been wary of fossil evidence suggesting that some dinosaurs may have sported feathers. Are these feathered dinos legitimate, or a hoax? Do they prove that dinosaurs evolved into birds? How should creation scientists respond when their ideas are challenged by new discoveries?

2:10PM Size: A Post-Flood Fossil Mystery (Doran)

The Biblical record of Earth history doesn't stop with the Flood. In the aftermath of such a catastrophe, animals and plants would have faced a strange new world full of opportunities and deadly dangers. What does the fossil record tell us about how organisms adapted and overcame - or not - the challenges of a rapidly-changing post-Flood world?

2:50PM Break & Book Tables

3:20PM The Wild World of Human Fossils (Ross)

Some of the most exciting, confusing, and controversial fossils are those of humans and supposedly "human-like" creatures. Can creation scientists reliably distinguish between true human fossils and non-humans? What does the human fossil record tell us about mankind's place in creation and Earth history? How does what we believe about our past affect how we see ourselves and our fellow man?

4:10PM Questions & Answers

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